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        The Ricters are a 3 piece rock trio based out of STL that blend 90's grunge, alternative, and funk rock together to create a unique style of rock all their own.

Adam Sheppard and Drew Nilson started the project in late 2018 and began playing around St. Louis. They recorded and produced 3 demos in their studio space with Brendon Sheppard filling in on bass guitar and later recorded a 7 song album titled, "Zygote", at firebrand studios in the summer of 2019.

Later that year the band would change members and welcome Jeramy Hagely as the permanent bassist.

The band mixed and mastered their first album and released "Zygote" in the spring of 2020. They continued playing shows until the quarantine started and began to write while waiting for venues to open back up.

They began their 2021 by recording some of the new material at Native sound studios with Thom Pini and David Beeman and are currently mixing with Thom and preparing to release them as singles in the fall and winter of 2021.








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